Lets put a stop to these stories

There are times when people may feel it is okay to speed when driving in a car.

Some think that is only on a race track. Others like a quick trip down the German Autobahn. Some use and tour the south of France. You might even take a gamble on a late night blast down quiet motorways. One time it’s never appropriate, is when there are people in the road.

Numerous people are killed or seriously injured each year on British roads where vehicles collide with stationary vehicles and their drivers. It’s not just broken down drivers at risk, those who try to help them out are also in serious danger every time they attempt repair or recovery. Breakdown services like the AA or RAC, emergency workers from the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade are also putting their lives on the line each day.

Some people choose 9 seater car rental as an option meaning less traffic on the roads. Congestion and pollution are big issues in the modern world. We all have to play a part in changing things. Some responsible websites include